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  • 13 We shall find all precious substance, we shall fill bateinu (our houses) with plunder;

  • 13 Who leaving the orkhot yosher (paths of uprightness), walk in the drakhei choshech (ways of darkness);

  • 13 Ashrei (happy) is the man that findeth chochmah, and the man that getteth tevunah (understanding).

  • 13 Take firm hold of musar; let her not go; guard her; for she is thy chayyim.

  • 27 Turn not to the right hand nor to the left; remove thy regel from rah [T.N. Everyone in life has two paths to choose from just as Moshiach Tzidkeinu spoke of two gates, a wide one crowded with traffic and leading to destruction, and another one found by few but leading to life and redemption?Mt 7:13-14].

  • 13 And have not obeyed the voice of my morim (teachers), nor inclined mine ear to the ones who were my melamed!

  • 13 He winketh with his eyes, he shuffleth with his regel, he pointeth with his fingers;

  • 13 So she caught hold of him, and kissed him, and with a brazen ponem said unto him,

  • 13 The Yirat Hashem is to hate rah; pride, and ga’on (arrogance), and the derech rah, and the perverse peh (mouth), do I hate.

  • 13 Aishes Kesilut (Dame Folly) is clamorous; she is simple, and knoweth nothing.

  • 13 In the sfatayim (lips) of him that hath understanding chochmah is found, but a shevet (rod) is for the back of him that is devoid of lev [understanding].

  • 13 A bringer of rekhil (gossip, rekhilut) revealeth sod (secrets, confidences), but he that is of a ne’eman ruach concealeth the matter.

  • 13 The rah is ensnared by the peysha (transgression) of his sfatayim (lips), but the tzaddik shall escape from tzoros.

  • 1 3 A ben chacham heareth his musar av, but a scoffer heareth not ge’arah (scolding, rebuke).

  • 2 An ish shall eat tov by the fruit of his peh (mouth), but the nefesh of the bogedim (unfaithful ones, traitors) shall eat chamas.

  • 3 He that is shomer over his peh (mouth) guards his nefesh, but he that openeth wide his sfatayim (lips) shall have ruin.

  • 4 The nefesh of the atzel (sluggard, lazy one) desireth, and hath nothing, but the nefesh of the kharutzim (diligent ones) shall have ample provision.

  • 5 A tzaddik hateth sheker, but a wicked man is shamefully loathsome, and bringeth disgrace.

  • 6 Tzedakah is guard over him whose derech is blameless, but wickedness overthroweth the chattat (sinner).

  • 7 There is one who maketh himself out to be rich, yet hath nothing; there is one that maketh himself out to be poor, yet hath hon rav (great wealth).

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