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  • 17 Surely in vain the reshet (net) is spread in the eyes of kol ba’al kanaf (all the birds, i.e., lit. master of [the] wing);

  • 17 Which forsaketh the alluf (companion, husband) of her youth, and forgetteth the brit (covenant) of her G-d.

  • 17 Her drakhim are drakhim of pleasantness, and all her netivot (trodden paths) are shalom.

  • 17 For they eat the lechem of resha, and drink the yayin of chamasim (violences).

  • 17 Let them be only thine own, and never zarim (strangers) with thee.

  • 17 Haughty eyes, a lashon sheker, and hands guilty of shefach dahm naki,

  • 17 I have perfumed my mishkav (bed) with myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon.

  • 17 I love them that have ahavah for me; and those that seek me shall find me.

  • 17 Stolen waters are sweet, and lechem eaten in secret is pleasant.

  • 17 He is in the orach (path) of Chayyim that is shomer over musar, but he that abandoneth tokhakhat (reproof) goes astray.

  • 17 The ish chesed (merciful man) doeth good to his own nefesh, but he that is cruel harmeth his own self.

  • 17 He that speaketh emunah declareth tzedek, but an ed shekarim, mirmah.

  • 17 A malach rasha falleth into rah (trouble), but a tzir emunim (trustworthy envoy) is marpeh (healing).

  • 17 He that is quicktempered dealeth folly, and an ish mezimot (a man of crafty schemes) is hated.

  • 17 Better is a meal of yarak (vegetables) where love is, than a fatted calf and sinah (hatred) therewith.

  • 17 The mesilat yesharim (highway of the upright) is to depart from rah; he that guards his derech is shomer over his nefesh (soul).

  • 1 7 Better is a dry crust, and quietness therewith, than a bais full of zevakhim (sacrificial religious meals) with strife.

  • 2 An eved maskil (wise servant) shall have rule over a ben that causeth shame, and shall have a share of the nachalah among the achim.

  • 3 The crucible is for kesef, and the furnace for zahav, but Hashem is the testor of hearts.

  • 4 An evildoer giveth heed to false sfatayim (lips), and a sheker (liar) giveth ear to a spiteful lashon.

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