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  • 11 But the anavim (meek ones) shall inherit Eretz; and shall delight themselves in rov shalom (great peace; see Psa 119:165).

  • 1 19 ALEF Ashrei are the blameless ones in the derech, who walk in the torat Hashem.

  • 2 Ashrei are they that keep His edot (testimonies), and that seek Him with kol lev.

  • 3 They also do no iniquity; they walk in His drakhim.

  • 4 Thou hast commanded us to be diligently shomer over Thy pikkudim (precepts).

  • 5 O that my drakhim were directed to be shomer over Thy chukkot (statutes)!

  • 6 Then shall I not be ashamed, when I have respect unto all Thy mitzvot.

  • 7 I will praise Thee with yosher levav (uprightness of heart) when I shall have learned Thy righteous mishpatim (ordinances).

  • 8 I will keep Thy chukkot; O forsake me not utterly. BEIS

  • 9 How shall a na’ar cleanse his way? By being shomer thereto according to Thy Davar (Word).

  • 10 With my kol lev have I sought Thee; O let me not wander from Thy mitzvot.

  • 11 Thy word have I hid in my lev, lema’an (so that) I might not sin against Thee.

  • 12 Baruch atah, Adonoi; teach me Thy chukkot.

  • 13 With my sfatayim (lips) have I declared all the mishpatim of Thy mouth.

  • 14 I have rejoiced in the derech of Thy edot (testimonies), as much as in all riches.

  • 15 I will meditate in Thy pikkudim, and consider Thy orkhot (paths).

  • 16 I will delight myself in Thy chukkot; I will not forget Thy Davar. GIMEL

  • 17 Deal bountifully with Thy eved, that I may live, and be shomer over Thy Davar.

  • 18 Open Thou mine eyes, that I may behold nifla’ot out of Thy torah.

  • 19 I am a ger on ha’aretz; hide not Thy mitzvot from me.

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