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  • 141 (15) Hinei, he [an evil person] travaileth with iniquity, and hath conceived trouble, and brought forth falsehood.

  • 141 (15) That I may show forth all Thy praise in the Sha’arei Bat Tziyon. I will rejoice in Thy Yeshuah (salvation).

  • 141 (15) Yea, He sent out His khitzim (arrows), and scattered them; and He shot out great lightning bolts, and did put them to rout.

  • 141 (15) Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my lev, be acceptable in Thy sight, O Hashem, my Tzur (rock), and Go’ali (my Redeemer).

  • 141 (15) I am poured out like mayim, and all my atzmot are out of joint; my lev is like wax; it is melted away within me.

  • 141 (15) But I trust in Thee, Hashem; I said, Thou art Elohai.

  • 141 (15) Depart from rah, and do tov; seek shalom, and pursue it.

  • 141 (15) Thus I was like an ish that heareth not, and in whose mouth are no tokhachot (reproofs).

  • 141 (15) Let them be ashamed and mutually confounded that seek after my nefesh to destroy it; let them be driven backward and put to shame that wish me evil.

  • 141 (13) Baruch Hashem Elohei Yisroel m’haolam v’ad haolam. Omein and Omein.

  • 141 (15) Thou makest us a mashal (byword) among the Goyim, a shaking of the rosh among the peoples.

  • 141 (15) She shall be brought unto HaMelech in woven apparel; the betulot (virgins), her companions that follow her, shall be brought unto Thee.

  • 141 (15) For this Elohim is Eloheinu olam vaed; He will be our guide even unto death. [T.N. Notice v.8(9)-9(10) in Psa 49, which tells why Moshiach can not be a mere man, in which case he could not redeem another, or be Hashem’s Isa 53 redemption lamb or the Isa 53 sa’ir l’azazel kapporah.]

  • 141 (15) Like tzon they are destined for She’ol; mavet shall pasture them; and the yesharim (upright ones) shall have dominion over them in the boker; and their tzir (form) shall waste away to Sheol, so there is no dwelling place for it.

  • 141 (16) Save me from damim (bloodguiltiness), O Elohim, Thou Elohei Teshuati; and my leshon shall sing aloud of Thy tzedakah.

  • 141 (15) Together we took sweet sod (intimate conversation, fellowship, counsel), and walked unto the Beis Elohim with the throng.

  • 141 (15) When Shaddai scattered melachim therein, it was white as snow in Tzalmon.

  • 141 (15) Save me out of the teet (mire, clay, soil) and let me not sink; let me be saved from them that hate me, and out of the depths of the mayim.

  • 141 (15) Thou art HaEl oseh peleh (the G-d that doest wonders); Thou hast declared Thy oz (strength) among the amim (peoples, nations).

  • 141 (15) Shuv nah (return now), we beseech Thee, O Elohim Tzva’os; look down from Shomayim, and behold, and visit gefen zot (this vine);

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