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  • 6 For Hashem knoweth the Derech Tzaddikim, but the Derech Resha’im shall perish. T.N. The next Psalm says that the whole world, all the earth, is, or will be, the possession of Moshiach, and that Hashem assures Moshiach of this; therefore, the Great Commission (Mt 28:19-20) was given to preach Moshiach to the ends of the earth that the whole world may hear.

  • 192 (20) Arise, Hashem; let not enosh (mankind) prevail; let the Goyim be judged in Thy sight.

  • 192 (20) He brought me forth also into a place merkhav (spacious); He delivered me, because He delighted in me.

  • 1 0 (For the one directing. Mizmor Dovid) Hashem hear thee in the Yom Tzarah (day of trouble); the Shem Elohei Ya’akov set thee up on high [i.e., out of reach of your enemies];

  • 2 Send thee help from the Kodesh (Holy Sanctuary), and strengthen thee out of Tziyon;

  • 3 Remember all thy minchot, and accept thy olat; Selah.

  • 4 Grant thee according to thine own levav, and fulfil kol etzah (plan, counsel) of thine.

  • 5 We will shout for joy at thy Yeshuah (salvation), and in the Shem of Eloheinu we will lift up our banners; Hashem grant all thy requests.

  • 6 Now I have da’as that Hashem hoshi’a (He saves) His Moshiach; He will answer him from His Sh’mei Kodesh (Holy Heaven) with the saving strength of His right hand.

  • 7 Some trust in chariots, and some susim: but we will trust in the Shem Hashem Eloheinu.

  • 8 They are brought down and fallen, but we are risen up, and stand firm.

  • 9 Hoshi’ah, Hashem, HaMelech! May He hear us on the day when we call.

  • 192 (20) But be not Thou far from me, Hashem; O my strength, hasten Thee to help me.

  • 20 Shin] Be shomer over my nefesh, and deliver me; let me not be ashamed; for I take refuge in Thee.

  • 192 (20) Oh how great is Thy goodness, which Thou hast stored up for them that fear Thee; which Thou hast wrought for them that take refuge in Thee before the Bnei Adam!

  • 20 Our nefesh waiteth for Hashem; He is ezrienu (our help) and moginneinu (our shield).

  • 192 (20) Many are the afflictions of the tzaddik; but Hashem delivereth him out of them all.

  • 20 For they speak not shalom, but they scheme divrei mirmot (deceitful matters) against the rigei eretz (them that are quiet in the land).

  • 20 But the resha’im shall perish, and the oyvei Hashem (enemies of Hashem) shall be like the glory of the meadows; they shall disappear like ashan (smoke), they shall vanish.

  • 192 (20) But mine oveyim are chayyim (vigorous), and they are strong; and they that hate me sheker (wrongfully) are multiplied.

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