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  • 1 2 (Of Sh’lomo). Give HaMelech Thy mishpatim, O Elohim, and Thy tzedakah unto the Ben Melech.

  • 2 He shall judge Thy people with tzedek, and Thy poor with mishpat.

  • 3 The harim (mountains) shall bear shalom to the people, and geva’ot (hills) in tzedakah.

  • 4 He shall judge the poor of the people; yoshia (He shall save) the bnei evyon (children of the needy), and shall break in pieces the oppressor.

  • 5 They shall fear Thee as long as the shemesh and yarei’ach endure, dor dorim (throughout all generations).

  • 6 He shall come down like matar (rain) upon the mown field, as showers watering eretz.

  • 7 In his yamim shall the tzaddik flourish; and abundance of shalom so long as the yarei’ach endureth.

  • 8 He [Moshiach Ben Dovid] shall have dominion also from yam to yam, and from nahar (river) unto the afsei eretz (the ends of the earth).

  • 9 They that dwell in the desert shall bow before him; and his oyevim (enemies) shall lick the aphar (dust).

  • 10 The melachim of Tarshish and of the iyim (islands) shall bring minchah (tribute); the melachim of Sheva and Seva shall offer gifts.

  • 11 Kol melachim shall fall down before him [Moshiach]; kol Goyim shall serve him.

  • 12 For he shall deliver the evyon (needy) when he crieth; the oni (poor, afflicted) also, and him that hath no ozer (helper).

  • 13 He shall pity the weak and evyon (needy), and yoshi’a (he shall save) the nefashot of the evyonim (needy).

  • 14 He shall be the Go’el Redeemer of their nefesh from deceit and chamas; and precious shall their dahm be in his sight.

  • 15 And he shall live, and to him shall be given of the zahav of Sheva; and prayer shall be for him continually; and daily shall a brocha be made on him.

  • 16 There shall be an abundance of grain on ha’aretz upon the top of the harim (mountains); the fruit thereof shall shake [in the trees like in] Levanon; and they of the city shall flourish like esev ha’aretz.

  • 17 Shmo (His Name) shall endure l’olam; Shmo shall be continued as long as the shemesh; and men shall be blessed in him; kol Goyim shall call him blessed.

  • 18 Baruch Hashem Elohim, Elohei Yisroel, who only doeth nifla’ot (wondrous things).

  • 19 And baruch Shem kevodo l’olam (and blessed be His Glorious Name forever); and let the whole earth be filled with His glory. Omein, and Omein.

  • 20 The tefillot Dovid Ben Yishai are ended. [T.N. The next Psalm concerns a revelation received in the Holy Place, namely the fate of the wicked whose prosperity is delusional since the riches of G-d’s house is wealth they can never attain to, revealing their true eternal poverty. See Ps 73:24 on afterlife in G-d’s presence.]

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