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  • 1 0 (For the one directing. Set to The Lilies of the Edut. Of Asaph. Mizmor.) Give ear, O Ro’eh Yisroel, Thou that leadest Yosef like a tzon; Thou that art enthroned between the Keruvim, shine forth.

  • 19 Turn us again, Hashem Elohim Tzva’os; cause Thy face to shine that we may be saved.

  • 23 (3) Before Ephrayim and Binyamin and Menasheh, Stir up Thy gevurah (might), and come and save us.

  • 34 (4) Turn us again, O Elohim, and cause Thy face to shine that we may be saved.

  • 45 (5) Hashem Elohim Tzva’os, ad mosai (how long) wilt Thou be angry against the tefillat amecha (prayer of Thy people)?

  • 56 (6) Thou feedest them with the lechem dimah (bread of tears); and givest them dima’ot (tears) to drink in great measure.

  • 67 (7) Thou makest us a madon (strife, contention) unto shcheneinu (our neighbors), and oyveinu (our enemies) mock us.

  • 78 (8) Turn us again, O Elohim Tzva’os, and cause Thy face to shine that we may be saved.

  • 89 (9) Thou hast brought a gefen (vine) out of Mitzrayim; Thou hast drove out Goyim, and planted it.

  • 101 (11) The harim were covered with the tzel (shadow) of it, and the branches thereof were like the mighty cedars.

  • 111 (12) It sent out its branches unto the yam (sea, i.e., Mediterranean Sea) and its shoots unto the Nahar (river, i.e., the Euphrates).

  • 121 (13) Lammah (why) hast Thou then broken down her walls, so that all they which pass by the derech do pluck her?

  • 131 (14) The chazir (wild boar) out of the forest doth lay it waste, and the beasts of the sadeh doth devour it.

  • 141 (15) Shuv nah (return now), we beseech Thee, O Elohim Tzva’os; look down from Shomayim, and behold, and visit gefen zot (this vine);

  • 151 (16) And the stock which Thy Yamin (Right Hand) hath planted, and the Ben that Thou madest strong for Thyself.

  • 161 (17) It is burned with eish, it is cut down; they perish at the ge’arah (rebuke) of Thy countenance.

  • 171 (18) Let Thy Yad be upon the Ish Yeminecha (the Man of your Right Hand), upon the Ben Adam whom Thou madest strong for Thyself [cf Psalm 110:1; Dan 7:13].

  • 181 (19) So will we never turn back from Thee; revive us, and we will call upon Thy Shem.

  • 80 Let my lev be tamim (blameless, complete) in Thy chukkot; that I be not ashamed. Kaf

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