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  • 1 2 For the sake of Tziyon will I not hold my peace and for the sake of Yerushalayim I will not remain quiet, until her tzedek go forth like nogah (brightness), and her Yeshuah (Salvation) like a blazing lapid (torch),

  • 2 And the Goyim shall see thy tzedek, and kol melachim thy kavod; and thou shalt be called by a shem chadash, which the mouth of Hashem shall designate.

  • 3 Thou shalt also be an ateret tiferet in the Yad Hashem, and a tzanif melukhah (royal turban, diadem) in the palm of thy G-d.

  • 4 Of thee it shalt no more be said, Azuvah (Forsaken); neither of thy land shall it any more be said, Shemameh (Desolate); but thou shalt be called Cheftzi-Vah, (My Delight is in her) and thy land Beulah (Married): for Hashem delighteth in thee, and thy land shall be married.

  • 5 For as a bochur marrieth a betulah, so shall thy banim marry thee; and as the choson rejoiceth over the kallah, so shall thy G-d rejoice over thee.

  • 6 I have set shomrim upon thy chomot, O Yerushalayim, which shall never hold their peace yom nor lailah; ye that remind Hashem, keep not silence,

  • 7 And give Him no rest, until He establish, and until He make Yerushalayim a tehillah (praise) in Ha’Aretz.

  • 8 Hashem hath sworn by His yad yamin, and by the zero’a of His oz (might), Surely I will no more give thy dagan (grain) to be food for thine oyevim; and the bnei nekhar shall not drink thy tirosh, for the which thou hast toiled;

  • 9 But they that have harvested it shall eat it, and praise Hashem; and they that have gathered it in shall drink it in the khatzerot (courtyards) of My Kodesh (Holy Place).

  • 10 Pass through, pass through the She’arim; prepare ye the Derech HaAm; Build up, build up the mesilah (highway); gather out the even (stones); lift up a nes (banner) [visible] over HaAmim (the Nations).

  • 11 Hinei, Hashem hath proclaimed unto the ketzeh HaAretz (end of the Earth), Say ye to Bat Tziyon, Hinei, thy Salvation cometh; hinei, His sachar (reward) is with Him, and His recompense before Him.

  • 12 And they shall call them, The Am HaKodesh, the Geulei Hashem; and thou shalt be called, Derushah (one being sought), Ir Lo Ne’ezavah (City Not Deserted).

  • 5 IMRU LBAT TZIYON! (Tell the Daughter of Zion!) Hinei! Your Melech comes, ANI VROCHEV AL CHAMOR VAL AYIR BEN ATONOT (poor, humble and riding on a donkey and upon a colt, the foal of donkeys YESHAYAH 62:11; ZECHARYAH 9:9).

  • 7 But if our halakhah is in the Ohr as He is in the Ohr, we have hitkhabrut (joining, adhesion, fellowship) with one another and the dahm of Yehoshua, HaBen of Hashem, gives us tohorah (purification, cleansing) from kol chet. [YESHAYAH 2:5]

  • 8 If we make the claim that we do not have avon (sin), we cause ourselves to fall under mirmah (deceit, fraud, YESHAYAH 53:9) and HaEmes is not in us. [MISHLE 20:9; YIRMEYAH 2:35]

  • 2 And he is the kapporah for chattoteinu, not for ours only, but also for the kol HaOlam Hazeh. [VAYIKRA 5:15; YESHAYAH 53:10]

  • 5 And you have da’as that that One niglah (is revealed) that chata’einu (our sins) He might take away [YESHAYAH 53:4,12], and chet in Him is not. [YESHAYAH 53:9]

  • 16 By this we have had da’as of ahavah, because that One on behalf of us laid down his nefesh [YESHAYAH 53:10]; and we ought, on behalf of the Achim b’Moshiach, to lay down our nefashot.

  • 17 The one having an ear let him hear what the Ruach Hakodesh says to the Kehillot. To the one who wins the nitzachon (victory), I will give him some of the Manna having been nistar (hidden), and I will give him an even levanah (a white stone) and upon it a Shem Chadash (New Name), of which no one has da’as, except the one receiving it. [TEHILLIM 78:24; YESHAYAH 62:2; 65:15; 56:5]

  • 12 “Hinei, I am coming quickly, and My sachar (reward) is with Me, to give to each one according to what he has done. [YESHAYAH 40:10; 62:11]

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