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  • 1 Bereshis (in the Beginning) was the Dvar Hashem [YESHAYAH 55:11; BERESHIS 1:3], and the Dvar Hashem was agav (along with, etzel, Mishle 8:30;30:4) Hashem, and the Dvar Hashem was nothing less, by nature, than Elohim! [Psa 56:11(10); Yn 17:5; Rev. 19:13 i.e., the Ma’amar Memra]

  • 32 And you will have da’as of HaEmes (the Truth) and HaEmes will give you cherut (freedom). [VAYIKRA 25:10; YESHAYAH 61:1-3; 53:4-12]

  • 4 I had simcha gedola (much joy) that I have found some of your Banim with a walk which is Halakhah b’Derech Emes (Conduct in the Way of Truth), just as we received a mitzvah (commandment) to do so from HaAv [1:3].

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