A man said he was an army sergeant stationed in Europe and his job was to help get the chapel ready for services on Sunday. He himself never attended, but he got everything ready for the chaplain.

One day he opened a box. It was full of books called Good News for Modern Man. He said to himself, "I'm a modern man. I'll read this." As he read it he kept thinking, "This sounds a lot like the Bible." That was the beginning of his conversion.

The Bible is truly a book for modern people. A young man said to his pastor: "I live in the jet age. Those people in the Bible rode camels. What do a bunch of camel drivers have to say to me?" It's a legitimate question, but it's a question we can answer: the basic issues of life (sin, guilt, hope, faith, grief, death) have not changed. Those camel drivers do have something to say to us. That Book written so long ago does have good news for modern man.