The other day I was in Paul Harvey's studio in Chicago as he was making his broadcast. Paul said, "It's time for me to go on the air; but why don't you join me in the studio? It's live, you know." I went in the studio. He closed the door. The red light was blinking, He cleared his throat. "Good morning, Americans, this is Paul Harvey speaking." And away he went. He said, "I happen to know somebody, a minister, who, I'm told, chose to fail in order that he could choose to succeed. Is that right, Robert Schuller?"

I said, "Right, Paul Harvey. I chose to fail at golf, because I wanted to succeed as a father. Yes, I traded-off my hobby of playing golf in favor of my desire to be a successful dad." At that time, maybe you have to trade-off power for peace, dollars for joy, and glory for the greater joy of seeing other people grow.


Robert Schuller, Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do!