Steve Yeaton tells a story he read about, which was told at the memorial service for Neil Armstrong. On one occasion, Neil Armstrong was being introduced to Tom Moe, a retired Air Force colonel. Moe had been a fighter pilot in Vietnam. When his plane malfunctioned during a flight into Vietnam he was forced to land behind enemy lines. He was captured quickly and remained a prisoner of war for five years. Moe told Armstrong when they met the guards were always trying to discourage the prisoners, telling them the U.S. was losing the war, that Americans didn't care about the POW's and that America had lost the space race. One day, Moe said, a fellow inmate received a letter from his mother. The guards had carefully gone through the letter striking out any good news about America. What the guards forgot to do was to look at the stamp. The stamp featured Armstrong landing on the moon. The guards were wrong, and the prisoners were jubilant. Satan seeks to discourage our faith in many ways, from doubts to persecution, but all we have to do is look at the empty cross and remember Christ lives, our faith is secure.