In a recent Turning Point devotional, David Jeremiah writes: "A 1970 film, by the same name as the novel on which it was based, Love Story, became famous for its tag line: 'Love means never having to say you're sorry.' That's just one of many examples of how people have defined and illustrated love through the years. Jesus Christ gave to the world the way to recognize true love in its ultimate manifestation--the greatest form of love possible. That kind of love is manifested by one person being willing to lay down his or her life for a friend (John 15:13). Ultimately, 'lay down' means 'to die for.' It could mean a less drastic sacrificial act of love, as well. True love is when one person gives of him or herself for a friend.

"John 3:16 says that God loved the whole world, but John 15:13 says Jesus loves you personally because, as His follower, you are His friend (John 15:14-17). If ever you feel small in terms of God's love as part of the entire world, you can erase that feeling by taking Jesus' words to heart. You are His friend if you are His follower, and He laid down His life for you.

"Love personalized is love individualized."