Can the gospel really dissolve deep-seated prejudices that have been hardened by centuries of hatred and strife? The experience of Yishael Allon of West Valley City, Utah, gives the answer. Yishael is Jewish. About 17 years ago, he met his cousin's wife Sandy, who was dying of leukemia. Peace filled her heart and a love radiated from her life that gave her a "special glow." "She was the first real Christian I had ever met," writes Yishael. "She was different. I would question her, and all she'd talk about was Jesus." In 1980, Yishael heard the gospel on the radio and received a Bible. As he read Isaiah 53, the Holy Spirit convinced him that the prophet was speaking about Jesus - the same Jesus that Sandy knew. Yishael recalls, "I believed in the Lord Jesus and became a 'completed Jew.' "Now here's the answer to the question of prejudice. Yishael says, "A year and a half later, the Lord gave me His love for my enemies - the PLO who murdered 37 of my friends."