The Toyota television commercial is interesting. It shows someone in a sport utility vehicle heading for the beach or the slopes, driving through the city on a Tuesday. An onlooker is amazed. It is Tuesday. He must go to work. Then the last line appears on the screen, "Make Your Own Rules."

It must be said that, kept in context, there is nothing ominous about that line. It only refers to the rules of what days one goes to work and what days one heads for recreation. However, taken alone, the sentence represents the thinking of a great many people in today's society. In every area of life they say, "Make your own rules." It reminds us of a time described in Judges 17:6 when "every man did that which was right in his own eyes." Of course, such a subjective approach to morality is obviously fraught with disaster.

-Robert Shannon, Preaching May/June 1998