An Indian and a white man were deeply moved by the same sermon. That very night the Indian received the Savior, but for days the white man refused to accept Christ. At last he too repented and enjoyed the sweet peace of having his sins forgiven. Later he asked the Indian, "Why did it take me so long, while you responded right away?" "My brother," he replied, "I can best explain it by this little story: At one time a rich prince wished to give each of us a new coat. You shook your head and replied, 'I don't think so; mine looks good enough.' When he made the same offer to me, I looked at my old blanket and said, 'This is good for nothing,' and I gratefully accepted the beautiful garment. You wouldn't give up your own righteousness. But knowing I had no goodness of my own, I immediately received the Lord Jesus Christ and His righteousness."

-Sermons Illustrated, July/August 1990