We are always impressed with the fervor of the apostle Paul. Nothing could keep him from winning souls to the Lord Jesus Christ. When they put him in jail he converted the jailer. What is less well known is that Christians in many lands have that same zeal today. In Vietnam, Christians in prison write Bible verse on little pieces of paper, wad them up, and throw them into cells across the hall! In another country a preacher uses cigarette papers to copy Bible verses on to share with his fellow prisoners! During the Communist era Romanian Christians risked imprisonment to carry Bibles into the Ukraine. They walked backward so their footprints in the snow would make it appear that someone had gone the other way! They were that determined!

What excuse shall we give? We have the freedom to tell others. We have plenty of paper and plenty of Bibles and yet do so little to win others! From Pakistan, a man reported that since he became a Christian his family is not permitted to walk across his neighbor's land! He cannot get an agricultural loan. Once he was in bed for a month due to beatings he received because he's a Christian. His report ends, "My ten year old son says he will become a preacher and give the gospel to those who beat us."