In a university town a self-styled "truth student, healer, teacher and facilitator" invited the public to a special program when he would channel a Day with the Masters including "Kwan Yin, Lord Sananda, Arch Angel Michael and the Council of Shambhala." Guests were asked to wear white clothing and bring any crystals they wanted to get charged. Everyone would sit on a pillow and eat vegetarian food. The event was supposed to make you feel empowered, lighter, joyous, and give you a sense of peace and expectation."

Christians recognize only one Master. They do not need someone to channel them to Him. They do not have to wear white clothing (except for the "fine linen white and clean" in Revelation 19:14 which is really character not clothing). Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ are already empowered and joyous and already have a sense of peace and expectation.