Full Bible Intelligence

When a new FBI agent is hired he is given intensive training. As part of the program, he is taught to watch for counterfeit money. He makes a thorough study of the genuine bills-not the phonies-so that he can spot the fake currency immediately because of its contrast to the real thing.

The child of God can learn a lesson from this. While it is helpful to study false religions and be fully aware of their dangerous dogmas, we should be so familiar with God's Word that whenever we encounter error, we will spot it at once. Today many are being led astray by cults and isms because they don't recognize how they are being deceived. The only way to prevent this is to indoctrinate believers with the truth so they will be much more discerning. For example, if a person is solidly grounded in the teaching of salvation by grace, he won't swallow the line of the legalists who inject human works into the matter of being saved. f he is well instructed about the person of Christ, he won't accept the error of those who deny the Savior's deity. Knowing the truth of the second coming of Jesus, he'll not be swayed by those who distort the blessed hope, making it something less than the personal, bodily return of the Lord. A thorough knowledge of essential biblical doctrines is the only way to detect their counterfeits!

The letters "FBI" refer to that respected agency of our government, the Federal Bureau of Investigation. We also need FBI Christians - those who have Full Bible Intelligence!