Proverbs 1:31

31 they will eat the fruit of their ways and be filled with the fruit of their schemes.

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Therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way, and be filled with their own devices.
therefore they shall eat the fruit of their way, and have their fill of their own devices.
Therefore, they must eat the bitter fruit of living their own way, choking on their own schemes.

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John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Proverbs 1:31

Therefore shall they eat of the fruit of their own way
Their evil ways; be punished according to their deserts, and receive the just reward of their iniquities; see ( Isaiah 3:10 Isaiah 3:11 ) ; and be filled with their own devices;
or "counsels" F7: their device and counsel was to put Christ to death; to deliver him to the Roman governor, that he might be crucified, as he was: and they afterwards had their bellyful of crucifixion, as the word F8 used signifies; such vast numbers of them were crucified by the Romans before the walls of the city, five hundred a day, and sometimes more; insomuch that room was needed for crosses, and crosses for bodies F9.


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