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Psalm 15:3

3 whose tongue utters no slander, who does no wrong to a neighbor, and casts no slur on others;

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He that backbiteth not with his tongue, nor doeth evil to his neighbour, nor taketh up a reproach against his neighbour.
who does not slander with his tongue and does no evil to his neighbor, nor takes up a reproach against his friend;
Those who refuse to gossip or harm their neighbors or speak evil of their friends.

What does Psalm 15:3 mean?

John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Psalms 15:3

[He that] backbiteth not with his tongue
Is not a slanderer, a defamer, a tale bearer; a backbiter is one who privately, secretly, behind a man's back speaks evil of him, devours and destroys his credit and reputation: the word here used comes from (lgr) , which signifies the "foot", and denotes such a person who goes about from house to house, speaking things he should not, ( 1 Timothy 5:13 ) ; and a word from this root signifies spies; and the phrase here may point at such persons who creep into houses, pry into the secrets of families, and divulge them, and oftentimes represent them in a false light. Such are ranked amongst the worst of men, and are very unfit to be in the society of the saints, or in a church of Christ; see ( Romans 1:30 ) ( 2 Corinthians 12:20 ) ;

nor doeth evil to his neighbour:
to any man whatever, good or bad, friend or foe, whether in a natural, civil, or spiritual relation, either by words or deeds, to his person, property, or good name;

nor taketh up, a reproach against his neighbour;
does not raise any scandalous report on him himself, nor will he bear to hear one from another, much less will he spread one; nor will he suffer one to lie upon his neighbour, but will do all he can to vindicate him, and clear his character.

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