Psalm 26:9

9 Do not take away my soul along with sinners, my life with those who are bloodthirsty,

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Gather not my soul with sinners, nor my life with bloody men:
Do not sweep my soul away with sinners, nor my life with bloodthirsty men,
Don’t let me suffer the fate of sinners. Don’t condemn me along with murderers.

What does Psalm 26:9 mean?

John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Psalms 26:9

Gather not my soul with sinners
Profligate and abandoned ones, such as are notoriously profane, and who live and die impenitent ones; otherwise all men are sinners: the sense is, either that he desires that he might not, by any means, be brought into the company of such persons, be joined unto them, and have a conversation with them, which would be uncomfortable, dishonourable, and dangerous; or that God would not destroy him with them; and that he might not die the death of the wicked, nor be gathered with them at death: death is often expressed by a man's being gathered to his people, and to his fathers; see ( 2 Kings 22:20 ) ; the body is gathered to the grave, the soul returns to God that gave it, and has its place assigned by him; the souls of the righteous are gathered into heaven, Christ's garner; the souls of the wicked into hell; the psalmist deprecates being gathered with them;

nor my life with bloody men;
that thirst after blood, lie in wait for it, shed it, and are drunk with it, as the antichristian party; these God abhors and detests; nor shall they live out half their days, and their end is miserable.

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