Psalm 38:13

13 I am like the deaf, who cannot hear, like the mute, who cannot speak;

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But I, as a deaf man, heard not; and I was as a dumb man that openeth not his mouth.
But I am like a deaf man; I do not hear, like a mute man who does not open his mouth.
But I am deaf to all their threats. I am silent before them as one who cannot speak.

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John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Psalms 38:13

But I, as a deaf [man], heard not
He acted the part of a deaf man, and made as if he did not hear the mischievous things his enemies spoke; as Saul, when the sons of Belial spoke against him and despised him, ( 1 Samuel 10:27 ) ; and as our Lord when his enemies accused him, ( Matthew 27:12-14 ) ;

and [I was] as a dumb man, [that] openeth not his mouth;
made no reply to what they said, and did not render railing for railing; in which Christ was the antitype of him, ( Isaiah 53:7 ) ( 1 Peter 2:23 ) ( 3:9 ) .

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