Psalm 38:14

14 I have become like one who does not hear, whose mouth can offer no reply.

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Thus I was as a man that heareth not, and in whose mouth are no reproofs.
I have become like a man who does not hear, and in whose mouth are no rebukes.
I choose to hear nothing, and I make no reply.

What does Psalm 38:14 mean?

John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Psalms 38:14

Thus I was as a man that heareth not
Any thing that is said unto him; he took no more notice of it than if he had never heard it; but bore all the railings and calumnies of men with calmness and patience;

and in whose mouth [are] no reproofs;
as if he had nothing to say for himself, in vindication of his character, and to the refutation of his enemies; as if he had no arguments to make use of, for the conviction and reproof of his adversaries.

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