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Compare Translations for Psalms 87:1

Commentaries For Psalms 87

  • Chapter 87

    The glory of the church. (1-3) It is filled with the Divine blessing. (4-7)

    Verses 1-3 Christ himself is the Foundation of the church, which God has laid. Holiness is the strength and firmness of the church. Let us not be ashamed of the church of Christ in its meanest condition, nor of those that belong to it, since such glorious things are spoken of it. Other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, even Jesus Christ. The glorious things spoken of Zion by the Spirit, were all typical of Christ, and his work and offices; of the gospel church, its privileges and members; of heaven, its glory and perfect happiness.

    Verses 4-7 The church of Christ is more glorious and excellent than the nations of the earth. In the records of heaven, the meanest of those who are born again stand registered. When God renders to every man according to his works, he shall observe who enjoyed the privileges of his sanctuary. To them much was given, and of them much will be required. Let those that dwell in Zion, mark this, and live up to their profession. Zion's songs shall be sung with joy and triumph. The springs of the joy of a carnal worldling are in wealth and pleasure; but of a gracious soul, in the word of God and prayer. All grace and consolation are derived from Christ, through his ordinances, to the souls of believers.

  • PSALM 87

    Psalms 87:1-7 . This triumphal song was probably occasioned by the same event as the the glory of the Church, as the means of spiritual blessing to the nation.

    1. His--that is, God's
    foundation--or, what He has founded, that is, Zion ( Isaiah 14:32 ).
    is in the holy mountains--the location of Zion, in the wide sense, for the capital, or Jerusalem, being on several hills.

    2. gates--for the enclosures, or city to which they opened ( Psalms 9:14 , 122:2 ; compare Psalms 132:13 Psalms 132:14 ).

    3. spoken of thee--or, "in thee," that is, the city of God ( Psalms 46:4 , 48:2 ).

    4. This is what is spoken by God.
    to them . . . me--literally, "for My knowers," they are true worshippers ( Psalms 36:10 , Isaiah 19:21 ). These are mentioned as specimens.
    this--that is, nation
    was born there--Of each it is said, "This was born," or is a native of Zion, spiritually.

    5. The writer resumes--
    This and that man--literally, "man and man," or many ( Genesis 14:10 , Exodus 8:10 Exodus 8:14 ), or all (Isa 44:5 Ga 3:28).
    the highest . . . her--God is her protector.

    6. The same idea is set forth under the figure of a register made by God (compare Isaiah 4:3 ).

    7. As in a great procession of those thus written up, or registered, seeking Zion ( Isaiah 2:3 , Jeremiah 50:5 ), "the singers" and "players," or pipers, shall precede.
    all my springs--So each shall say, "All my sources of spiritual joy are in Thee" ( Psalms 46:4 , 84:6 ).

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