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Guide to Latin Pronunciation

Latin Pronunciation Guide

Consonants, vowels, diphthongs, and examples of the pronunciation of Latin.

Vowels Pronunciations Examples
a as in am ad, mater
e as a in fate me, video
i as in machine qui, ire
o as in or porta, omnis
u as in tutor cum, summus

Diphthongs Pronunciations Examples
ae as a in fate prae, illae
oe as a in fate coelum, coepi
au as ou in out aut, laudo

Consonants Pronunciations Examples
c (before e or i) as ch in church certus, cibus
ch as in ache Christus
g (before e or i) as in gentle gens, agit
g (before other letters) as in go gratis, gloria
gn ny as in canyon angnus, ignis
j (or consonant i) as y in yes Jesus, Justus
s as s in sing (never as in raise) miser, fides
sc (before a, o, u or a consonant ) as sc in scope scutum, Pascha
sc (before e and i) as sh in shall ascndere, scio
th as t in ten Thomas
ti (when followed by a vowel and proceeded by any letter except s, t, or x) as tsee bratia, totuis
x ( in words beginning ex followed by a vowel, h, or s ) as gs exaudr
x (in all other cases) as ks pax, exusre

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