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BST Fonts for your computer. These fonts are needed to view the Greek and Hebrew lexicons as well as the Interlinear Bible.

The Catholic Bible includes additional books in the Old Testament not included in most Protestant Bibles. These seven additional books of the Old Testament are known as the deuterocanonical books and include Sirach, Tobit, Wisdom, Judith, 1 and 1 Maccabees, and Baruch. The Apocrypha includes 15 books, all but one of which are Jewish in origin and found in the Septuagint (parts of 2 Esdras are possibly Christian and Latin in origin). Influenced by the Jewish canon of the OT, the custom arose of making the Apocrypha a separate section in the Protestant Bible, or sometimes even of omitting them entirely. The Catholic view, expressed as a doctrine of faith at the Council of Trent, is that 12 of these 15 works (in a different enumeration, however) are canonical Scripture; they are called the Deuterocanonical Books. The three books of the Protestant Apocrypha that are not accepted by Catholics are 1-2 Esdras and the Prayer of Manasseh.

There are several popular Roman Catholic Bible translations available today. The Common English Bible w/ Apocrypha (CEBA) is one of the more popular translations of the English Roman Catholic Bible. Other popular translations include the Revised Standard Version – Catholic Edition (RSVA), The New Revised Standard Version – Catholic Edition (NRSA), the Good News Translation with Apocrypha (GNTA), The Latin Vulgate with Apocrypha (VULA), and the Douay-Rheims.”

Bible Translations

Considering that it is often easier for native Spanish-speakers to read the Bible in their first language, it’s important to know that there are various Spanish translations of the Bible available. These translations of the Scriptures provide an accurate translation of the Bible for the Spanish speaking audience.

Many Spanish translations of the Bible are paraphrase translations, so Biblical scholars saw the need to have an even more accurate translation of the Scriptures. La Biblia de las Américas (BLA) was completed in 1986, and it is one of the most well-researched Spanish Bibles available today. It was translated directly from Hebrew-Aramaic and Greek manuscripts. Other Spanish versions of the Scriptures include La Biblia Reina-Valera (RVR) and Sagradas Escrituras (SEV).

To use Bible study tools exclusively in Spanish, please visit our sister website. BibliaVida.com is one of the largest online Spanish Bible websites to find verses easily and to study the Bible in greater depth. Our Bible reading plans, devotionals, Bible commentary and all our Bible study resources are absolutely free and all in Spanish!

Traducciones de la Biblia

Considerando que es más fácil para las personas de habla hispana leer la Biblia en su idioma natal, es importante saber que existen varias traducciones al español disponibles. Estas traducciones de las Escrituras proveen una traducción precisa de la Biblia para el público hispanohablante.

Muchas de las traducciones al español son parafraseadas, por lo cual algunos eruditos de la Biblia vieron la necesidad de crear una traducción aún más exacta de las Escrituras. La Biblia de las Américas (BLA) fue terminada en 1986, y esuna de las Biblias en español más precisas disponibles en la actualidad. Fue traducida directamente del hebreo-arameo y de manuscritos en griego. Otras versiones de las Escrituras en español incluyen La Biblia Reina-Valera (RVR) y las Sagradas Escrituras (SEV).

Si desea usar recursos exclusivamente en español para estudiar la Biblia, por favor visite nuestro sitio hermano. BibliaVida.com es uno de los más grandes sitios web de la Biblia en español, donde se puede encontrar fácilmente versículos deseados y para estudiar la Santa Biblia a mayor profundidad. Los planes de lectura, los devocionales, el comentario bíblico y todos los recursos de estudio bíblico son absolutamente gratis, ¡y todo en español!

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