Salmos 119:129

129 PE. Maravillosos son tus testimonios: Por tanto los ha guardado mi alma.

Salmos 119:129 Meaning and Commentary

(p) , PE.--The Seventeenth Part.

Psalms 119:129

PE. Thy testimonies [are] wonderful
The Scriptures, which testify of God, his mind and will, are wonderful both with respect to the author of them, the things contained in them, and the use and advantage of them. They give an account of the wonderful works of creation; of their author and matter; of the manner, order, and time of their being wrought: they relate many wonderful events of Providence, both in a way of mercy and judgment; they declare several surprising miracles, wrought by Moses and others, and exhibit many marvellous things in types and figures: are full of prophecies of extraordinary things, have been exactly accomplished, and contain many exceeding great and precious promises; and abound with doctrines abstruse and recondite, hid from the carnal sense and reason of men; the mysteries of the Gospel, and of the grace of God, such as respect the divine Persons in the Trinity; the person and grace of Christ; the wonderful love of God and Christ towards men; the amazing blessings of grace through him, the resurrection of the dead, and eternal life by him;

therefore doth my soul keep them;
as a rich treasure, which he laid up in the cabinet of his heart, and preserved as what was most rare and valuable: and such are the wonderful things in the word of God; and such is the efficacy of its doctrines, and the influence the truths of it have upon the minds of gracious persons; that these engage them to keep and observe the precepts it enjoins, and that heartily and sincerely, with their whole spirit and soul.

Salmos 119:129 In-Context

127 Por eso he amado tus mandamientos Más que el oro, y más que oro muy puro.
128 Por eso todos los mandamientos de todas las cosas estimé rectos: Aborrecí todo camino de mentira.
129 PE. Maravillosos son tus testimonios: Por tanto los ha guardado mi alma.
130 El principio de tus palabras alumbra; Hace entender á los simples.
131 Mi boca abrí y suspiré; Porque deseaba tus mandamientos.