Ephesians 3:11-21

11 accordinge to ye eternall purpose which he purposed in Christ Iesu oure lorde
12 by who we are bolde to drawe nye in ye trust which we have by faith on hi
13 Wherfore I desire yt ye faynt not because of my trybulacios for youre sakes: which is youre prayse.
14 For this cause I bowe my knees vnto the father of oure lorde Iesus Christ
15 which is father over all that ys called father In heven and in erth
16 that he wolde graunt you acordynge to the ryches of his glory that ye maye be strenghted with myght by his sprete in the inner man
17 yt Christ maye dwell in youre hertes by fayth yt ye beynge roted and grounded in loue
18 myght be able to comprehende with all sayntes what ys that bredth aud length deepth and heyth:
19 and to knowe what is the love of Christ which love passeth knowledge: that ye might be fulfilled with all manner of fulnes which commeth of God.
20 Vnto him that is able to do excedynge aboudantly above all that we axe or thynke accordynge to the power that worketh in vs
21 be prayse in the congregacion by Iesus Christ thorow out all generacios from tyme to tyme Amen.
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