What Can We Learn about Sharing the Gospel from John 1?

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John 1 begins with Jesus being baptized and we see immediately that people saw that Baptism. And we see that Andrew saw what happened, and he immediately goes, and he finds his brother Simon Peter. And then we see a progression through the scripture of one person telling another person. Inviting them to come and see. And so what we can do and what we can learn is to say, "Wow, maybe I can't explain everything about the gospel. But what I can do is invite someone, come and see. Come and walk life with me. Let me introduce you to another Christian. Let me take you to a service or a community group where someone is going to be teaching about the Bible."

I found in my neighborhood that there were so many people who wanted to know what the gospel was about. What the word of God was about. And they said, "Would you teach us?" And I remember saying, "Do you want to be taught? Do you want to know that?" And they said, "Yes, we're intimidated to go to a church service somewhere. But we just want to know what is the big thing about the Bible." And just inviting someone to come with you, inviting someone to go to that small group study, or to have lunch with another believer, that's what we see that invitation in the first chapter.