What Can We Learn about the Ministry of Jesus Christ from John 2?

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I've loved John Chapter 2, because it starts out and it says, "On the third day," and it's the third day of the ministry, but it's such a picture of the end, because what Jesus is doing in Chapter 2 is He's giving a picture of the new life that's going to be found later on, after Christ. As we look at John 2, we see the wedding feast. Even in that chapter, 1 through 11, right there, where it talks about Him changing the water into wine, all of that is just a picture of how it was before and what is to be. The six cisterns that were used for water the old way, the six looking at the old, and the seven being the new.

We see how that old... that water that was there is now changed into wine. When we think about the symbolism that's there, with the brokenness of the grapes that are made into wine, we think about our lives being broken, and His life was going to be broken. We see a picture of His mom even saying to Him, "Jesus, do something," and He's saying, "My time is not yet come."

He didn't tell them everything, because they weren't ready for everything, but through symbolism, He began to live it out and show that there was something else to come. What I think we learn from that, also, and one of the main, easy things that we can all transfer, is that Jesus got invited to the wedding. He got invited to be with friends. His disciples were invited to the wedding. As they were in the community, they went.

I think, for me, a lot of times I get really busy with my ministry, busy with life, busy with my family, and I forget the importance of going and being with people. Jesus took time to be with people who didn't get it yet. That's what we can do. We can say, "Let's go out there and be that light in the community, to show what a broken life looks like, to show how life can be, and how we act, and it's okay to be at a wedding and to be among the people." From chapter two, one of the ... There's a lot of great things all through chapter 2, but one of the huge things that I come away with is that we just need to be out there and available, just be among the people.