31 Also the peoples of the land, that bring in things set to sale, and all things to use, by the day of sabbath, for to sell, we shall not take of them in the sabbath, and in a day hallowed; and we shall leave (the land) without tilth and sowing and gathering, the seventh year, and the asking of all hand, that is, (to) release debts, and (to) deliver (our) Hebrew servants. (And if the peoples of the land bring in food, and things to sell, on the Sabbath day, we shall not buy anything from them on the Sabbath, or on any other holy day. And in the seventh year, we shall leave the land without tilth, or sowing, or gathering, and we shall leave off asking for repayment of all manner of debt, that is, we shall discharge all debts, and also set free our Hebrew slaves.)