With Christmas only a few weeks away, a number of new Bibles have hit our mailboxes for review. Every so often, we’ll let you know what’s coming out and why it’s worth a look.

NIV Quickview Bible (Zondervan)

This Bible is truly for the connected generation, and you’ll see why as soon as you open it. Inside, there are over 360 colorful “infographics” that detail facts about Scripture, such as what subjects the Beatitudes cover and a graph of how many people were taken into captivity by the Babylonians. According to the marketing material, 83% of human understanding occurs visually. And that’s a philosophy the editors stick to throughout.

Great for: young adults, visual learners, social media junkies

NIV One Impact Bible (Zondervan)

You’re only one person, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an impact. This Bible features over 300 devotional articles that help you focus on God, who you are in Christ, and the impact you can have in the world. The more you build on those principles, the more impact you can have on the world—and people—around you.

Great for: college students, new believers

NIV Life Journey Bible

The Bible is a living book for us today in our spiritual journey, and that’s what Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend want you to understand in the Life Journey Bible. The edition includes articles from the two men on living out God’s Word, especially as we enter new seasons in our lives. In over 300 articles and 20 essays, they share biblical advice on dealing with emotional and relational health. They’ve also added a number of reading plans to help with various life experiences.

Great for: newlyweds, new parents, pastors, Baby Boomers

So, your turn. What’s your favorite Bible?