4 Things to Remember When We Are Spiritually Weak

4 Things to Remember When We Are Spiritually Weak

There are times when I am weak in spirit, as happens with all of us. What do we do when we feel this way? I suggest we embrace our weakness before Jesus Christ. He loves to minister to our spirits that come needy to Him. So, let’s consider a few ways to remember that when we are weak, then we are strong in Jesus.

When Scripture is brought to our remembrance, we are able to move forward with spirits uplifted in Jesus. He has given us many great and precious promises.

I think that the best way to move forward with Jesus is to remember His goodness. When we have weak times, seasons, or moments, we need to remember to embrace His goodness — not the negativity or dullness that we can feel. When we accept Jesus’ goodness, it’s highly honoring to Him. It’s accepting His reality for us, even when we may feel differently.

Jesus’ goodness is our solid path forward in life. It is by His goodness that we remember we have otherworldly help and recognize that Jesus wants goodness for us. In this way we remember and honor the character of God. Do you believe He is leading you in good places? Do you believe that He is a fountain of life? Do you believe that His presence is your blessing?

What we believe about Jesus’ goodness affects our perspectives about life, which impacts the decisions that we make. When it’s Jesus’ goodness that influences our thought life, our choices will correspond in goodness.

I know that it may sounds redundant to say that the weak need to follow on the path of life, as that sounds like the path of goodness. But I mean to say something else. The path of life is that path which we start in this life with Jesus that results in an eternal glory with Him. We should not view our lives as those which only transpire on this earth. Our eternal life begins now; life is here in the present.

It is a blessing to embrace the lives that God has given to us as our spiritual good — even when we feel weary in them. The path of life will result in the crown of life for those who have endured trials and tribulations (James 1:12). I think of the saints who were tortured for Jesus, not accepting release because they wanted a better resurrection (Heb. 11:35). This life and how we live it influences the life to come. We are on the path of eternal life when we are in relationship with Jesus Christ and set Him over all.

Spiritual food, encouragement from our holy Counselor, and looking to the steps of our feet are all ways we can find the strength of God in our weakness. Jesus is not unfamiliar with His own steps of difficulty in earthly life lived before the Father. He knows how to speak to us. He knows how to lead us forward. He knows how to plead our cases before the Father. And He is ever-active doing all of these things for those who love and fear Him. Walk with peace before the God of all, knowing that He has condescended to help us and minister to us in our weakness in myriad ways.

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Lianna Davis is author of Keeping the Faith: A Study in Jude and Made for a Different Land: Eternal Hope for Baby Loss. She and her husband, Tyler, live outside of Dallas, Texas and have two dear daughters.