Isaiah 42:20-25 CJB

20 You see much but don't pay attention; you open your ears, but you don't listen.
21 ADONAI was pleased, for his righteousness' sake, to make the Torah great and glorious.
22 But this is a people pillaged and plundered, all trapped in holes and sequestered in prisons. They are there to be plundered, with no one to rescue them; there to be pillaged, and no one says, "Return them!"
23 Which of you will listen to this? Who will hear and give heed in the times to come?
24 Who gave Ya'akov to be pillaged, Isra'el to the plunderers? Didn't ADONAI, against whom we have sinned, in whose ways they refused to walk, he whose Torah they did not obey?
25 This is why he poured on him his blazing anger as well as the fury of battle - it wrapped him in flames, yet he learned nothing; it burned him, yet he did not take it to heart.