Job 6:12-22 CJB

12 Is my strength the strength of stones? Is my flesh made of bronze?
13 Clearly, I have no help in myself; common sense has been driven from me.
14 "A friend should be kind to an unhappy man, even to one who abandons Shaddai.
15 But my brothers are as deceptive as vadis, as vadi streams that soon run dry;
16 they may turn dark with ice and be hidden by piled-up snow;
17 but as the weather warms up, they vanish; when it's hot, they disappear.
18 Their courses turn this way and that; they go up into the confusing waste and are lost.
19 The caravans from Tema look for them, the travelers from Sh'va hope to find them;
20 but they are disappointed, because they were confident; on arrival there, they are frustrated.
21 "For now, you have become like that -just seeing my calamity makes you afraid.
22 Did I say to you, 'Give me something,'or, 'From your wealth, offer a bribe on my behalf,'