Ezra 2:63-70 NIV

63 The governor ordered them not to eat any of the most sacred food1 until there was a priest ministering with the Urim and Thummim.2

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64 The whole company numbered 42,360,
65 besides their 7,337 menservants and maidservants; and they also had 200 men and women singers.3

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66 They had 736 horses,4 245 mules,

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67 435 camels and 6,720 donkeys.
68 When they arrived at the house of the LORD in Jerusalem, some of the heads of the families5 gave freewill offerings toward the rebuilding of the house of God on its site.

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69 According to their ability they gave to the treasury for this work 61,000 drachmasa of gold, 5,000 minasb of silver and 100 priestly garments.

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    • b 2:69 - That is, about 1,100 pounds (about 500 kilograms)
    • c 2:69 - That is, about 3 tons (about 2.9 metric tons)
      70 The priests, the Levites, the singers, the gatekeepers and the temple servants settled in their own towns, along with some of the other people, and the rest of the Israelites settled in their towns.6

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