Judges 1:27-36 NIV

27 But Manasseh did not1 drive out the people of Beth Shan or Taanach or Dor2 or Ibleam3 or Megiddo4 and their surrounding settlements, for the Canaanites5 were determined to live in that land.

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      28 When Israel became strong, they pressed the Canaanites into forced labor but never drove them out completely.6

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      29 Nor did Ephraim7 drive out the Canaanites living in Gezer,8 but the Canaanites continued to live there among them.9

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      30 Neither did Zebulun drive out the Canaanites living in Kitron or Nahalol, who remained among them; but they did subject them to forced labor.
      31 Nor did Asher10 drive out those living in Acco or Sidon11 or Ahlab or Aczib12 or Helbah or Aphek13 or Rehob,14

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      32 and because of this the people of Asher lived among the Canaanite inhabitants of the land.
      33 Neither did Naphtali drive out those living in Beth Shemesh15 or Beth Anath16; but the Naphtalites too lived among the Canaanite inhabitants of the land, and those living in Beth Shemesh and Beth Anath became forced laborers for them.

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      34 The Amorites17 confined the Danites18 to the hill country, not allowing them to come down into the plain.19

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      35 And the Amorites were determined also to hold out in Mount Heres,20 Aijalon21 and Shaalbim,22 but when the power of the house of Joseph increased, they too were pressed into forced labor.

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      36 The boundary of the Amorites was from Scorpiona Pass23 to Sela24 and beyond.25

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        • f 1:36 - Hebrew "Akrabbim"