2 and said to them, I am today of an hundred and twenty years, I may no further go out and go in, most(ly) since also the Lord said to me, Thou shalt not pass this Jordan. (and said to them, Today I am a hundred and twenty years old, and I can no longer go out and come in, and the Lord hath said to me, Thou shalt not cross over this Jordan River.)
3 Therefore thy Lord God shall pass before thee (And so the Lord thy God shall cross over before thee); he shall do away these folks in thy sight, and thou shalt wield them; and this Joshua shall go before thee, (in the lead,) as the Lord spake.
4 And the Lord shall do to them as he did to Sihon, and to Og, the kings of (the) Amorites, and to their land; and he shall do them away.
5 Therefore when the Lord hath betaken to you also them (And so when the Lord hath also delivered them to you), ye shall do in like manner to them, as I have commanded to you.
6 Do ye manly, and be ye comforted (Be ye strong, and be ye encouraged); do not ye dread in heart, neither dread ye at the sight of them, for thy Lord God himself is thy leader, and he shall not leave thee, neither forsake thee.
7 And Moses called Joshua, and said to him before all the multitude of the sons of Israel, Be thou comforted, and be thou strong (Be thou encouraged, and be thou strong); for thou shalt lead this people into the land that the Lord swore that he shall give to their fathers; and thou shalt part it by lot.
8 And the Lord himself, which is your leader (And the Lord himself, who is your leader), shall be with thee, he shall not leave [thee], neither forsake thee; do not thou dread outward(ly), neither dread thou in heart.