Acts 3:17

17 “Now, fellow Israelites, I know that you acted in ignorance, as did your leaders.

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And now, brethren, I wot that through ignorance ye did it, as did also your rulers.
"And now, brothers, I know that you acted in ignorance, as did also your rulers.
“Friends, I realize that what you and your leaders did to Jesus was done in ignorance.

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John Gill's Exposition of the Bible
Acts 3:17

And now, brethren
He calls them brethren, because they were so according to the flesh; and to testify his cordial love and affection for them. I wot,
or "I know", that through ignorance ye did it;
delivered up Jesus into the hands of Pilate; denied him to be the Messiah before him; preferred a murderer to him, and put him to death. As did also your rulers;
the members of the sanhedrim, some of them; see ( 1 Corinthians 2:8 ) for others of them knew him to be the Messiah, to be sent of God, by the miracles he did, and yet blasphemously ascribed them to Satan; and so sinning against light and knowledge, in such a malicious manner, sinned the sin against the Holy Ghost, to which ignorance is here opposed; and which did not excuse from sin: nor was it itself without sin; nor is it opposed to any sin, but to this now mentioned.

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