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Annette Griffin

Annette GriffinAnnette Marie Griffin is an award-winning author and speaker who has managed and directed children’s and youth programs for more than 20 years. Her debut children’s book, What Is A Family? released through Familius Publishing in 2020. Annette has also written curriculum for character growth and development of elementary-age children and has developed parent training seminars to benefit the community. Her passion is to help wanderers find home. She and her husband have five children—three who have already flown the coop and two adopted teens still roosting at home—plus two adorable grands who add immeasurable joy and laughter to the whole flock.

Who Were the Two Priests Name Phinehas, and Why Did One Get Drunk with Power?

We first encounter the priest, Phinehas, son of Eleazar and grandson of Aaron, in Numbers 25. Phinehas’s righteous acts follow a major encounter that Israel had with Balaam; a diviner hired by the King of Moab to curse Israel.

Who or What Are the Ophanim, “the Wheels,” in the Bible?

The Ophanim described in Ezekiel’s vision are impossible to define apart from the full scope of the revelation. In Ezekiel 1 we find a young priest on the precipice of his new calling.

How Many Wives Did King David Have and What Do We Know about Them?

But while God was raising up this mighty man of valor to be a fearless leader and man after His own heart, the women who would become King David’s wives were also being groomed to become a part of God’s redemptive plan.

Who or What Is Abaddon, and Why Does it Play a Role in Revelation?

The New Testament helps us identify the ruler over the realm of Abaddon in Revelation 9. This fallen angel, with the same name as his realm, is introduced after the fifth trumpet of judgment is blown.

Is There a Difference between Religion and Spirituality?

These two words evolved so much overtime that their meanings now appear diametrically opposite. But back in the day, the difference between religion and spirituality was rarely considered.

What Is Mount Zion and Why Is It So Important?

Zion is important because it refers to the land upon which God’s temple was built. For centuries, Mount Zion was where God’s physical presence on Earth dwelt. Of all locations mentioned in Scripture, Zion is one of the most significant, especially for those living before the arrival of Jesus.

What are Seraphim and What Power Do They Have?

There are several different angelic beings mentioned in the Bible, but Seraphim are perhaps the most difficult for us to wrap our heads around. Even the prophet Isaiah was terrified by just the sound of their voices. Let's take a look at just what Seraphim are, and why they are so important.

How Should Christians Live in a World that’s Not Our Home?

How can Christians live ‘in the world’ but not be ‘of the world? Viewing the treacherous condition of this world from God’s perspective can be overwhelming. Here’s the good news: that bad news is no longer our burden to carry, “for everyone born of God overcomes the world.”

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