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Emma Danzey

Why the Church Needs to Step Up in Evangelism

I know the Lord has a plan, and we are part of His plan. If we neglect to share the hope of the gospel with the generations to come while we have influence, there will be many people missing the hope of salvation, and the church will dissolve into very little in our country.

How Does All Creation Glorify God?

My husband loves to look through his telescope and stand amazed at outer space. As we view the night sky with the constellations, the stars, the moon, and the planets, may it humble us in realizing how small we truly are in this great universe and how grand our Creator is over all.

7 Important Prayers to Say First Thing in the Morning

We do not wake up each day hoping the sun will come up, because it is the regular faithfulness of the Lord Creator who perfectly keeps our solar system running in order. There are so many little things that we can easily neglect to acknowledge the Lord is at work in each day.

7 Great Bible Verses to Teach the Kids in Your Life

The beautiful part about teaching Scriptures to young people is that we too get to learn. Even if we know a verse that we are teaching, it is a wonderful refresher and reminder of the Biblical truth. We are all growing together.

5 Bible Verses to Wrap Up the Summer as a Family

How do we finish our summers well? What are some practical ways that we can use the rest of this time for spiritual growth and sharing God’s love? Here are five Bible verses to wrap up summer as a family.

3 Hard-Learned Lessons from the Book of Jonah

If you were to ask a group of kids what Bible stories they know, many of them would likely say, “Jonah and the Whale” at some point. One of the most popular stories in the Bible is tucked away in a tiny book in the Old Testament. We do not know much about Jonah, but his story teaches us a lot about God. Today we are going to go through what we can learn from the story of Jonah in the Bible.

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Why I’m Glad We Don’t Know What the “Thorn” in Paul’s Side Was

Have you ever thought about why you have had a certain emotional or physical struggle your whole life? Have you wondered why even though you have prayed, the Lord has not taken away your temptation or your weakness? Paul did too.

9 Prayers of Thankfulness to Shape Your Day

No matter what kind of day we are having, what struggles we are facing, or what celebrations we have, taking the intentional time to pray and thank God opens our eyes to His glory.

How to Be Spiritually Open to Daily Detours

How do you see your day ahead? Are you someone who wants to rush as fast as you can through the detours of life? Do detours lead you to sin, or lead you into holiness? With the help of the Holy Spirit, we can be led into holiness and live life on mission for the gospel.

12 Bible Verses to Encourage You to Lean on God for Strength

Throughout the Bible we are affirmed of the truth that we can lean on Him. No matter how strong we feel or how feeble we may be, Jesus is always waiting for us to come to Him.

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