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Emma Danzey

How to Have the Best Sabbath

The concept of a Sabbath is a blessing and a special gift to us as believers. I love how it says that we enter into God’s rest. If we try to rest in our own strength or apart from the Lord, it defeats the entire purpose of a Sabbath. We are not meant to just lay out and binge watch tv all day or stare at a wall. We are supposed to be actively resting with God and focusing on His love for us. This means inviting Him into the day off.

What Does the Bible Say about Food and Eating?

Food is one of the best gifts that God has given to us. God’s Word has answers for everything. What does the Bible say about food and eating?

3 Practical Tips for Leading a Great Bible Study

Leading a Bible study is a great privilege and honor. When we invite others to join in learning and growing in the truth of the love of Christ, we bring them on the journey of increasing in the knowledge of God and becoming more confident in our personal relationships with Him.

How Many Covenants Does God Make in the Bible?

We serve a covenantal Creator, who not only is working, but invites us into His plans. He has purposed us and called us His own. He has brought us into His family. He has redeemed us from sin. He desires relationship with us and pursues our hearts each day. How could we not celebrate that we not only have a promise with Him, but a covenant with Him?

What Does it Mean That Believers Are the Firstfruits of God?

Believers are beautifully said to be the firstfruits of God. This is an absolute humbling thought. We as sinners redeemed by Jesus can be considered the firstfruits of the Lord.

What Is Adultery and What Are Some Sneaky Signs We're Ignoring?

Adultery is a serious sin and whether within the heart or by actions, it is important to identify it and repent.

In Moments of Pride, Remember the Tower of Babel

The people were going to build a tower that reached to the heavens. Excluding God is limiting to what we can achieve. On our own, we can only accomplish humanly possible things. When God is on our side, through Him we can accomplish immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine for His glory.

How Can We Reach Gen-Z and Encourage Them in Christ?

There may have never been a generation yet with such a capacity to love and create unity, but they are falling away because of misconceptions and clear answers that the Bible has to offer. How can we step into college ministry and share the truth in love to this generation and spur them on to become world changers?

How the Bible Encourages Us to Love Those with Disabilities

Whether a person is born with a disability, or obtains one later in life, God is greater than our small perspectives. He desires to use our testimonies for His purposes to draw people to Himself.

What Does it Truly Mean to 'Remain in My Love'?

So have I loved you. Now remain in my love. What does it truly mean to remain in the love of God?

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