As I look around at the state of the American church, there is something that seems to be more apparent to me than ever before. There are a lot of angry Christians out there. Many are angry over the direction of our country, political issues, social issues, even the economy. As these issues continue to exist, many people like to frame their anger and say it is righteous anger or righteous indignation.

While it is possible this could be true, I want to warn you to be careful because there are some hidden dangers in this “righteous” anger. While anger by itself is not sinful, what you do with it can be. The irony is whether you attempt to qualify your anger as righteous or not, the same dangers still apply.

When people talk about righteous anger they often point to the time when Jesus got angry and overturned the tables in the temple.

They often use this as the basis or justification for their own anger. Here is the question you must really ponder – is it truly righteous anger? If you focus on the reason Jesus got angry, you will notice something. He did not get angry over how he was treated, he got angry over how others were being treated. The people were being exploited and taken advantage of and he was disturbed by this.

Let me ask you, if you are the angry one, what is driving your anger? Are you angry over the way other people are being treated or mistreated, or is your anger a byproduct of your way of life being threatened? In other words, is your anger about you or about someone else?