It’s that time of year again when school is out and the harvest season is coming. Gardening is a hobby and skill that many people decide to take up in the summer. Whether it is one small flower plant or a whole vegetable garden, there are so many beautiful spiritual lessons that can be learned from a garden.

Maybe this is because humanity started out in a garden or because the Lord has so many parables about farming and plants in Scripture. No matter what the reason is, here are five ways that gardening can bring you closer to God.

Much like growing a relationship with Christ, a garden needs daily tending to for it to stay healthy. The regular work might seem tiring and even frustrating at times, but the sacrifice is a great reminder that in order for fruit to be produced in our spiritual lives, we need to be faithful daily in spending time with God in His word to grow. Regular dedication with plants and vegetables is a beautiful physical reminder to us of the great need for our daily pursuit of spending time with Christ.

As we have the disciple to go outside and care for the garden, it can be a reminder to make sure we are meeting with the Lord too.

The fact that there are weeds in gardens might be irritating, but it brings us closer to God through refinement. As we take the intentional time of looking for the disturbances, it reminds our own hearts of how the Lord is helping remove the weeds of sin in our lives by refining us with His Word and Spirit. We are all under continual growth and removal of our sinful habits, thoughts, and ways. No matter what our age, sin still comes after each of us.