5 Ways Jesus Is Always with Us in the Storms

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5 Ways Jesus Is Always with Us in the Storms

I wept as I walked down the stairs and reached for a cup of coffee to sooth the painful storm which had caught my heart off-guard. There are moments in life which rip off the band aids of prevention we’ve so carefully placed around the sensitive areas of our lives. But no matter how big the storm, how suddenly it pops up, or how destructive it is, we have a hope in Jesus. I clung to Him as I gripped my warm mug and dove into the hard work of bailing the water out of my proverbial boat.

Jesus is in the boat with us. He walks through everyday life alongside us. Yet, when sudden storms hit our lives, we often panic. When the storm is fierce, and the solution is not easily within reach, when conflict steals our peace as waves break into our boats, we panic. In those moments, Jesus is at peace. With His disciples in an actual storm, He was asleep. But it doesn’t mean He wasn’t aware.

Lord, You know and are not surprised by the swiftness and severity of the storms in our lives. We shout for You to move into action on our behalf as the disciples did in the storm-stricken boat: “Lord, save us! We are going to drown!” It feels that way, God, when we are drowning in circumstances we didn’t expect, and don’t know how to navigate. We drown in overwhelming moments, with doubt, fear, and weakness. We scramble in the midst of what we can see. But, we forget how big You are, God. Jesus has authority over the wind and the waves – and our lives.

Jesus responds in our circumstances, “Why are you afraid? You have so little faith!”

He has authority over every storm, literally and figuratively! Father, You have given us a faith which can move mountains, yet we forget to flex it when we’re blindsided by pain, doubt, fear and frustration. Help up us focus on You, and to speak the name of Jesus out loud when storms blow in. Let us have faith Jesus will rebuke the wind and the waves and the storms in our lives, leaving a great calm. The peace which surpasses all understanding, as Paul wrote to the Philippians.

When peace is ushered into our situations, we are reminded of Your faithfulness, God. Thank you, for the miraculous way You piece us back together, and calm the storms in our lives.

In Jesus’ name we pray, 


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