10 Tips to Surrender the Fear of Missing Out This Christmas

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10 Tips to Surrender the Fear of Missing Out This Christmas

The clamor of my calendar, cluttered with Christmas celebrations, proves the squares in my planner for each day are way too small. After everything was cancelled during the pandemic, the flood of old traditions returning doesn’t mean writing tiny to fit all of the things into one square. One life cannot hold all of the holiday traditions. No planner is equipped for that.

4. Be Still in the Presence of the LORD

5. Stop Being Angry

6. Be Godly

7. Hold the LORD’s Hand

8. Do Good

9. Put Your Hope in the LORD

10. Look at Those Who Are Honest and Good

God wants us to live a full and blessed life. He promises that it won’t always be easy. Following Christ means submitting to a way of life which goes against what the rest of the world deems normal. But, the miracle of the Christmas story – Christ Jesus coming down to earth to the tune of angel choirs – is all the proof we need to know it’s worth it to walk His way. This Christmas, let’s stay focused on Christ Jesus, who is always with us, and joyfully submit our schedules and our daily steps to the Spirit of God living in us. We can set down the burden of FOMO, fear, and worry, and follow the Light.

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