Gratitude is proven to unlock joy in the life of any believer. When we thank our Lord and Savior, we remind ourselves of the gifts that He has provided. No matter what kind of day we are having, what struggles we are facing, or what celebrations we have, taking the intentional time to pray and thank God opens our eyes to His glory. Here are nine prayers of thankfulness to shape your day.


I praise you today because I have life. I am here on this earth for a purpose greater than myself. Thank You for being the Creator of all, including me. You knit me in my mother’s womb, called me by Your name, I am Yours. Father, I am so blessed to be alive. I am so grateful for breath and meaning. Thank You for calling me and including me in a greater kingdom plan. You are so good and I glorify You as my Maker. There is none like You.


Dear Savior,

I praise You today for the joy of salvation found only in You, Jesus. Thank You for being all-sufficient, eternal, and perfect. Thank You for choosing to pursue a broken sinner like me to bring me back to Yourself. Thank You for dying a horrible death and raising Yourself back to life, defeating eternal death. I am so grateful to be forgiven, to be healed, to be part of Your family. Thank You for living the life I could not live and dying in my place. Thank You that I do not have to live in fear today, but in victory through You Jesus.