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8 Prayers to Begin and End Your Day in the Right Frame of Mind

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8 Prayers to Begin and End Your Day in the Right Frame of Mind

“Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed?” I’ve heard that line a few times in my life, and in certain moments, directed at me. And if I’m being more honest, sometimes the answer was yes. While we may desire for every day to be a good day, that just isn’t reality. Whether from the angst of an approaching deadline or the memory of yesterday’s conflict, some mornings we wake up in a bad mood. Sometimes we go to sleep just the same.

There’s no promise in Scripture for a good day every day of the week. If anything, we get just the opposite.

“I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. You will have suffering in this world. Be courageous! I have conquered the world.” (John 16:33)

When trials come our way, naturally, our mood changes. That’s human nature. However, as evidenced by Jesus’ words, we don’t have to be swept away by our emotions. We can be courageous. We have the power to adopt a better perspective and change our frame of mind. The next time a foul mood threatens to invade your day, or night, consider these 8 prayers to begin and end your day in the right frame of mind.

4 prayers to begin your day in the right frame of mind:

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A Prayer for Trusting

My Lord and my God,

I know that you have laid the foundations for the heavens above my head, and the ground beneath my feet. Words cannot articulate the ingenuity you’ve shown in creating not just the world, but the entire universe. Now, though I recognize your majesty, I still struggle to believe.

There’s no doubt in my mind that you provide for the birds or the ants or my neighbors. But God, I struggle to believe that you will provide for me.

In different seasons of my life, I’ve had doubts about finances, relationships, myself, and here again, I present to you the same struggle. Instead of trust, what I feel is doubt. And that doubt clouds my ability to see you clearly.

I want to do better. I want to believe, not just in what I see, not just in what you do for others, but God, also in what you do for me.

You are trustworthy. I’ve had seasons of doubt, but I’ve overcome those very same seasons. I can do the same today. Please help me to change my perspective. Please give me a better frame of mind.

I want to put my trust in you, Lord. Now and forever.


A Prayer for Patience

Heavenly Father,

You know me so well, better than anyone in my life. And you know that patience is an area of struggle for me. Even when I know you can do something, sometimes I get frustrated thinking about when.

When will you deliver me? When will you help me? When will you bless me? Lord, when will you act?

I think to myself that you’re being silent and that your silence is a sign that you don’t see me, that you don’t care, that you’ve forgotten about me.

Because your Word says differently, I know those thoughts are untrue. So I pray to you now, asking for help with my impatience. Help me to endure this trial and wait with anticipation for your deliverance.

Those who you trust in you will be renewed. Those who wait patiently will find peace. Lord, help me to find all of that and more today.


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A Prayer for a New Day

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Thank you for a new day. Although my lips express praise, my heart is not very glad today. Here I am on another day where I doubt that today will have many blessings, if any at all. Whatever good you have done or are doing, is absent from my vision.

Yesterday was bad, so I figure today will be the same, but I know this is not the way to see life. This is not the way to see you, God.

Each and every day, your mercies are renewed. Each and every day is a new opportunity, if to do nothing else, to at least offer you praise for another day of life.

I know I need a perspective change, so I pray for change in my heart. Help me make today better than yesterday, while preparing me for tomorrow.

I pray that I can make this new day a good day.

In Jesus’ name I pray to you, Lord. Amen.

Deliverance from Temptation


With every day comes blessings, but also temptations to stray away from you. I know this all too well, and that’s why I am praying to you now for help. Deliver me from the enemy. Don’t let me fall from your hands into the weaknesses of my flesh.

I ask for deliverance from temptation. May I stick with virtue and live today, all of today, in a way that honors you!


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4 prayers to end your day in the right frame of mind:

A Prayer for Gratitude

My Lord my God,

Another day concludes as I come before you now with a prayer of gratitude. Despite today’s struggles, hiccups, and problems, I understand that I don’t see the bigger picture. I don’t see my life with the same perspective as you.

So, while I may not know or understand everything that is happening currently, I do know that you are good, God. I know that you have my best interests at heart.

For that reason, I say thank you. Thank you for another day where I have lived and experienced all the things that I do have in my life. The work, the people, the hobbies. Thank you for it all. The good, the bad, the ugly. Thank you for that too.

If all things work together for good for those who love you and are called according to your purpose, then Lord, I see no better response than to praise.

Thank you, Lord. Amen.

A Prayer for Rest

Heavenly Father,

Another day comes to an end, another long, tiresome, and arduous day. My body is tired, and my mind is weak. Day after day, I labor in so many different ways. God, I feel like I'm at a breaking point. People are depending on me, and I’m depending on myself, but how much longer can I go?

How much more can I really do?

Sometimes I want to give up, find a corner, and just cry. Maybe I need to. Maybe I should. But one thing I know I need to do is pray, pray for you to rejuvenate me, my bones, my mind. Show me how to serve without working myself to pieces. Help me to bring honor to the kingdom not just by my efforts of labor but also by my righteous example of rest.

Please help me, Lord.


A Prayer for Hopefulness

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Here I am again at the end of a tough day, wondering when things will change. I find myself experiencing hardship after hardship and just wonder God, do you still care? Do you have my back? Are you going to deliver me, if not protect me?

If I’m being honest, I feel hopeless. I’ve felt hopeless for a while.

Don’t leave me in this dark place, God. Remember me. Vindicate me. Rescue me and strengthen me.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, so God, I yearn for desire fulfilled, I yearn for the tree of life. Restore brightness to my eyes so that I trade my song of lamentation for a song of praise.

In Jesus’ name I pray to you. Amen.

A Prayer for Continued Faith


I don’t have everything I want in life. I’m not exactly where I want to be, doing all the things I want to do. But that’s okay. I say thank you for what I have, what you’ve given me. I say thank you for the people, the things, the experiences.

Lord, I say thank you for being the great and righteous god that you are. Faith has brought me to this moment in life, and I pray that faith takes me even further.

Whatever I encounter tonight, tomorrow, or any time after, I ask that you would be with me through it all. Help me to experience your presence always. Whenever I stray away, bring me back. Whenever I begin to doubt, remind me of the truth.

I wish that this would always be true God, that for me and my house, that we would always serve the Lord.



Our days and our nights may come with unexpected blessings and pitfalls. When our lives, circumstances, relationships, even health, change with time, know that God does not. Not His presence. Not His love. Not His power. Let that truth bring comfort today when praying to the Lord.

With the right frame of mind in the morning and at night, we can go about our days serving the Lord and others to the best of our ability. Bad thoughts will give way to good ones. Resentment will give way to forgiveness. And happiness and peace will reign within us.

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