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The Power of Quiet Moments

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4 Nov
Older man sitting in a window seat relaxing

Quiet moments are worth fighting for. Cutting across the water at sunset, the lake like glass and the sky bursting into its finale of color, brings the sovereignty of God to the top of my mind. The engine is whirring and the music is playing. There are kids laughing and bursting out into song. Yet my soul finds quiet moments in that space – moments of peace, calm, and clarity. When I feel so closely connected to my Creator, it’s as if we’re having a private conversation.

The fight to get quiet doesn’t always mean finding a silent space. Sometimes the ringing from a quiet house is more distracting than the white noise present in a peace-filled moment. Our creative God switched the pattern for each person He created. It makes sense our quiet moments would be unique as well.

Photo credit: ©Getty Images/Westend61

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